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Uber Growth Hacking Success Story


Uber’s story started in 2008 when Travis & Garret met at the LeWeb tech conference. Today Uber has over 150,000 drivers. Learn their growth strategy.

Birchbox Growth Hacking Success Story

Birchbox box

Birchbox Growth Hacking Success Story, an inspiring story of Katia and Hayley on growing business using a recommendation program, to reach 850,000 subscribers in 3.5 years.

Facebook Growth Hacking Success Story

Facebook growth hack

Facebook is one of the greatest success stories in the business world. They were established in 2004 as a social network with a handful of users from Harvard University. By 2012 they became the first social network in the world to connect with over 1 billion users.

Mailtrack Growth Hacking Success Story

Mailtrack screenshot

Mailtrack is an email tracking tool. It tells users if their emails have been opened or not. When the receiver reads an email, the message is marked with a check, and the system sends a read notification to the Mailtrack user.

Hotmail’s Growth Hacking Success Story

1997 Hotmail screenshot

Way before we all moved to Gmail, there was Hotmail, the first free web-based email service. And way before Microsoft acquired them, and on a limited budget, they were looking for ways to grow. This growth hack teaches us how it’s not always necessary to have a large budget or make significant investments in infrastructure.