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HubSpot Website Grader Growth Hacking Success Story

HubSpot Website Grader

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Hubspot are amazing in growth processes and inbound marketing. They offer a lot of free content and tools for different roles and company types. These great freebies get them a lot of inbound traffic and growth.

One growth hacking tool they’ve done was the Website Grader.

The Growth Hack

They’ve developed a tool called Website Grader. This free tool allows anyone to rate their site’s effectiveness, incorporating tests of its performance, SEO, and security. Finally, it gave the website an overall grade and suggestions to improve the score.

The Results

This simple tool provided Hubspot with your website and email, turning you into a Hubspot lead. In addition, the tool was extremely user-friendly and valuable, making it spread word of mouth quickly. Now they had your details, and they also knew which challenges you’re facing with your website and were able to offer you relevant solutions.

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